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FMBE Awards 2023. Gold and Silver Awards for Option1 from Poland!

The FMBE Awards is a highly respected event in the marketing industry. It is co-organized by the British association Field Marketing Executive Association and Agencies and brands from across Europe compete for the annual awards, and the submissions are evaluated by a panel of industry experts across a wide range of categories. This year's ceremony was hosted by Kerry Godliman, a distinguished actress and comedian known for British series such as "Whitstable Pearl," "After Life," "Save Me," and "Bad Move."

Option1 was nominated in the Operational Success category for the implementation of relief campaign "Orange: Welcome to Poland." The campaign was directed toward Ukrainian citizens fleeing from the Russian invasion (in the first weeks of the conflict, nearly two million people crossed the Polish-Ukrainian border). The campaign's goal was to provide refugees with basic communication means – free prepaid SIM cards – to stay in touch with family and friends remaining in Ukraine.

The competition in this category was very high, with renowned agencies such as Willow Park, SmartSpotter, eXPD8, and The Circle Agency submitting their projects. However, the ultimate victory and the Golden Award went to Option1.

In addition to evaluating campaigns in their individual categories, the jury independently selected the most valuable campaigns for the Campaign of the Year Award.

Here, too, we were highly valued and received the Silver Award!


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