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We are an expert in merchandising for FMCG, household appliances, consumer electronics, and pharmaceutical industries. Every day, our Merchandisers act as ambassadors for our clients’ products by building and maintaining good relationships with the people who significantly impact sales. We work in most distribution channels: from modern trade through traditional retail to specialty stores.

Scope of Merchandisers’ tasks:

  • replenishing product on shelves by following the FIFO principle

  • ensuring client planograms and central arrangements compliance

  • building secondary displays

  • reporting optimized visibility and compliance 

  • distribution and installation of POS materials

  • shelf re-laying

  • inventories

  • warehouse work

Our Merchandisers visit the stores on a regular basis according to an agreed schedule, as they plan and report their work by using advanced sales mobile applications.

Located in all important towns in the country, our highly trained Field Supervisors coordinate and control the work carried out by the Merchandisers.


Our services also include Visual Merchandising – working with shop windows of clothing stores, banks, pharmacies, and other outlets – both free-standing and located in shopping malls.


Our Merchandisers undergo regular training, thanks to which they improve their skills in identifying best secondary display locations as well as in building up displays that effectively increase product visibility.

Sales Force Outsourcing

We provide quick access to thoroughly trained and experienced Sales Representatives and Merchandisers.  With our help you can adjust the scale and scope of your sales activities to current business needs, increasing flexibility and reducing the costs associated with maintaining a permanent sales team.

Our sales teams department prepares a strategy for reaching all stores from the call file, along with a detailed action plan that we then forward to our representatives for implementation.

During sales calls, our representatives collect orders and install POS materials.

Sales Representatives outsourcing also allows us to conduct physical sales (ex-car selling) of products entrusted to us, including cash transactions and the issuing of invoice documents on behalf of customers, distributors, or Option1.


A typical sales campaign covers from several up to thousands of points, which requires that we organize a system of cooperation between the client’s field representatives, distributors, warehouses, and Option1.

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Demonstrations and activations

We have an experienced team, so that the the customer can engage in direct contact with the product promoted by our Hostesses or Animators. The campaigns we organize take various forms, which we recommend to our clients in advance by considering the characteristics of their products and target groups.

We provide:

  • work of trained staff

  • design, production, and purchase of POS materials (costumes, stands, samples, tasting equipment and merchandise)

  • storage and transportation

Before starting their work, each Hostess undergoes a two day briefing about the qualities of the offered product.


Animations are often subject to quantitative targets, whereby clients can be sure of the entire team’s maximum involvement. For Animators, it is a clear indicator of the expected sales result.


As an additional option, we recommend including Animators in a Mystery Shopper coaching program.


Shopping Mall Events

We organise complex promotional events addressed to a large number of potential buyers who appear at sales venues, mainly shopping malls. The complexity of such campaigns differs significantly for regular promotional campaigns in large shopping malls and stores, which requires a series of far-reaching negotiations with the facility’s management, along with careful planning of various implementation details. The organizer must have good relationships and extensive contacts with people responsible for promotional projects at shopping malls.

Our comprehensive offer includes:

  • developing an event strategy, a narrative, and methods of reaching the target group

  • precise planning and negotiation of places and dates of actions in shopping malls throughout the country

  • equipment design, production, purchase, or rental (set design, costumes, projectors, monitors, sound systems)

  • timely logistics and assembly of elements

  • staff work recruitment, training and supervision (hostesses, assemblers, cooks, etc.)

  • extensive documentation of conducted activities (videos, presentations, social media)

Most of our events include a sales element, most often in the form of redirecting interested consumers to stores in the mall that distribute the client’s products.


When necessary, we also conduct direct sales using our own cash registers.

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Retail audits

Using our elaborate knowledge of modern and traditional trade, we offer our clients the implementation of sales and price auditing. 

These audits are quantitative and concern such measurable commercial parameters as:


  • retail prices of selected client and competitor products

  • shelf share and number of secondary displays

  • out-of-stocks

  • POS materials visibility


Sales auditing may be carried out on a call file specified by the client or on a sample of sales points recommended by Option1. The call file is always established by considering the most up-to-date data on the structure of wholesale and retail trade in Poland.

Sales auditing may be carried out on a call file specified by the client or on a sample of sales points recommended by Option1. The call file is always established by considering the most up-to-date data on the structure of wholesale and retail trade in Poland.


We collect data by a team of trained Auditors who enter it directly into the reporting system by using mobile devices equipped with scanners. The Auditors form an independent team, and their remuneration is in no way related to quantitative results.


The methodology of each audit is agreed with the client individually. The result of a sales audit may be a raw data file or a report of a predefined length, depending on client preferences.

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